Fire Instructor by Bobby Halton


Fireground Decision Making


A look at the fire ground from arrival to taking up and the critical decision points within. How to understand and improve fireground operations within your organization. Learn how to use resources to better communicate on the fireground. Learn techniques and methods to improve coordination between the task, tactical and strategic levels.

American Fire Service Command

American Fire Service Command and Leadership provides the participants the opportunity to investigate, evaluate and engage in a self-examination regarding the transition between leadership and commandership. The transition is complex and important to understand or one could find oneself failing to exercise commandership and underutilizing and failing to support subordinate officers and or firefighters. While not restricted to command level officers the program also addresses company level officers, senior firefighters and firefighters in a wide variety of ways. By examining the roles, responsibilities, obligations and duties of the firefighter within the both the firefighting community and general society the program strives to supply the participants with problem solving methodologies which reflect our professions highest traditions.


Problem Solving for Fire Departments and Officers

This class focuses on how to determine desired outcomes and how to craft a plan to help an organization or individual attain them. Problem solving in dynamically complex organizations is a wicked complex endeavor which requires a system and management. Undergirding efforts to move systems /organizations toward desired goals is not a simple of intuitive process. This program introduces participants to a methodology which has been utilized in major, organizations systems and events which measurable and quantifiable results.

Safety Differently Understanding the Lessons of Firefighting

This program looks at how to examine events with a new view. How to capture understanding and shift away from trying to find fault. The adage you can blame or learn but you cant do both is fundamental toward a new view of incident analysis. This program will help participants grow in understand the questions to ask, the approach to take and the ability to correct without damaging the resources or creating second victims.

Developing Our Leadership Potential and Skills

A class designed for all firefighters to help them discover how to be a more effective leader and person. We are all leading all the time the only question to ask is are you leading well, effectively or poorly. Leadership is nuanced not all styles are applicable to all groups or individuals. This program will help you find your voice and style as a leader.


Improving Your Fire Department

This program focuses on your organization via a systematic review of key areas and how to bring alignment to otherwise misaligned groups and divisions. Fire Rescue organization grow organically and often with the best of intentions we drift into less than optimal modes which results many expressions of disfunction. This program can be a great asset to new chiefs, organizations going though growth, re-organization or merger.

Second Victims / Us

A fresh view on Mental Wellness and the American Fire Service. The term second victim has a broad category of individuals whom we serve including us. The systems, the work and our personal make up all matter in our vulnerability to outside influences and events.  This program will help organization stop hurting. This program will enable participants to provide better support and grow all of in our awareness.

Understanding Stigma

This program is critical for organizations whose mission is going to place them in to situations where social ramifications of perceived or existing vulnerabilities can cause harm to members and the organization. The program unpacks the history of mental health stigma and how those perceptions exist today and influence how other stigmas are manifest.

Know Your Flow

Understanding how to measure water flow for structural firefighting.